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In the News: The New Yorker

In announcement, magazine, media on February 17, 2009 at 9:16 pm


I was recently mentioned in the New Yorker regarding my offering to recently laid off Harper Collins employees.

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Bulletproof Expert Drops All Charges for Ex-HC Staff

In announcement, article, news on February 13, 2009 at 7:46 pm


Just a quick update to Wednesday morning’s story about Stephen Viscusi, the resumé-building expert offering his services to laid-off HarperCollins employees: Having initially reduced his fee by half, Viscusi tells us he ultimately decided to forego any compensation after hearing from more than 50 people who’d been dropped by the company (which published his Bulletproof Your Job last year). “I was actually shocked at the quantity of people who contacted me,” Viscusi emailed. “The Collins people who called me for help seemed in ‘shock and awe’ over their dismissals.”

Viscusi also commented on how many of the confirmed layoffs had come from editorial. “It seems that the people responsible for ‘sales’ of our books should be just as accountable as the people who purchase them,” he observed. “After all, if you can’t find a book in a bookstore to buy, whose fault is that? The author, the publisher, or the sales rep who couldn’t get it merchandised and stocked correctly?”

(Note: Writing about the layoffs for The Wrap, former PW editor-in-chief Sara Nelson quoted an anonymous source who estimated that 20 employees had been cut; commenters were quick to dispute the tally: “The cuts to staff, including the buyouts, were more like 100 to 120,” said one.)

Bulletproof Job Man Reaches Out to Harper’s Fallen

In announcement, media, news on February 11, 2009 at 5:43 pm


Collins Business published Stephen Viscusi‘s Bulletproof Your Job last fall, and he says he’s grateful to the imprint—everyone at the company, really—for making it a success. That’s why he’s offering any former HarperCollins employees who were caught up in yesterday’s layoffs a 50 percent discount for his resumé consulting services at

“I suspect some of the temporarily surviving HarperCollins executives still left may have taken pages right out of Bulletproof Your Job to keep their own jobs,” Viscusi emailed us last night, “because the HC scenario played out as I describe in my book. My strategy explains how more junior executives were kept—and moved up the ladder while the bosses get the ax… Some people at HC read the book, others may not have. Either way, they are a case study for their own product.”

The “unprecedented discount” for the former HarperCollins employees (who are “like family to me,” Viscusi observed) covers the creation of a new resumé as well as a personal consultation with Viscusi himself.

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ANNOUNCING Bulletproof Resume Service!

In announcement on January 30, 2009 at 5:00 pm


Have America’s Workplace Guru turn your resume into a Bulletproof Resume!

Stephen Viscusi, America’s Workplace Guru, best-selling author and the media’s #1 job authority will REWRITE your resume to turn it into a Bulletproof Resume that will GET YOU RESULTS! Stephen knows the tips and tricks of the trade that will turn your ineffective resume. Utilizing Stephen’s patented, Bulletproof Process, he will turn your resume into one that will dramatically improve your chances of getting interviewed for the job you want.

Let’s face it, re-writing and updating that resume of yours is a big PAIN you want to avoid. Stephen Viscusi’s proven formula developed over 25 years as one of America’s leading employment recruiters will help you get results. Most importantly, with every resume ordered, you will recieve, not one, but two personal LIVE telephone consultations with Stephen Viscusi.

So, what are you waiting for? GET NOTICED, GET INTERVIEWED, and GET THE JOB! But you’ve got to get STARTED, and it begins with having a solid and effective resume. Get your resume re-written by the best in the business.

The cost of this service is available for an introductory price of $249*. This includes 2 10-minute phone consultations with Stephen Viscusi (a $100 value).

*Introductory price is available until April 1st; after that time the service will resume its normal price of $349.

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On Demand Webcast TODAY!

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Strategies To Help You Increase Your Team’s Productivity In Lean Times

The weakening economy and turmoil in the U.S. financial system have left employees uneasy in workplaces across the country. How bad will it get? As workers fear for their jobs, employers wonder how to make their teams as productive as possible so their companies can get through the crisis with a minimum of damage. Author and “America’s Workplace Guru” Stephen Viscusi will outline strategies to improve productivity will discuss proven methods to:

  • Improve internal teamwork and productivity
  • Improve collaboration with vendors
  • Enhance partnerships with customers
  • Improve your own time management
  • Delegate projects more effectively

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Women for Hire

In announcement on January 28, 2009 at 8:52 pm


I am now the new contributor to the hit blog, ‘Be Gutsy‘, hosted by Women for Hire.  Women for Hire was founded in 1999 as the first and only company devoted to a comprehensive array of recruitment services for women, Women For Hire offers signature career expos, inspiring speeches and seminars, a popular career-focused magazine and customized marketing programs. Their website,, offers a wide variety of career-related information and videos geared to working women, and an online job board that helps leading employers connect with top-notch professional women in all fields. In 2008, we produced our first work from home video, which has been viewed by thousands of women interested in this growing field.

Check it out and visit regularly for my guest posts.

Cómo blindar tu empleo: Spanish Version Release Tomorrow!

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The Brad Brooks Show

In announcement, interview, media, radio on January 11, 2009 at 7:03 am


Check out my interview with Brad Brooks.  We answer the question of, “How do you succeed at work and ensure that your job is ‘safe’?”  We also discuss things like “developing a Viagra handshake” and how to find out if your company is for sale. Does your boss tell you that there are no office politics?

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As Global Jobs Are Threatened, Viscusi’s Job-Saving Secrets Are Exported Abroad by HarperCollins: China Buys Rights to BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB

In announcement, news on December 4, 2008 at 5:08 pm

New York, NY – December 4, 2008 — As the economic crisis spreads around the globe, publishers in China, Russia, Korea and Spain have licensed rights to Stephen Viscusi’s BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB to help workers hold on to their jobs.

Viscusi’s book, BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB: 4 Simple Strategies to Ride Out the Rough Times and Come Out on Top at Work (HarperCollins), has been described as Sun Tzu’s The Art of War for the new millennium.  In BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB, former headhunter Viscusi—who is known as “America’s workplace guru”—shares the tricks of the trade to protect your job, even when the office grapevine is abuzz with looming cutbacks and the boss is talking about “a numbers thing” from above.  Viscusi’s secrets will ensure that you keep your job, even as your friends in the next cubicle or in the next spot on the assembly line are losing theirs.

On November 21, CollinsBusiness announced that China, the world’s largest nation with a population of more than 1.3 billion people, licensed the Chinese simplified language rights to Jilin Publishing to bring BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB to Chinese readers. Translation rights have already been licensed to publishers in Russia, Korea, and Spain.  This brings the total number of countries now bulletproofing their jobs to five.

Viscusi’s strategies and tactics for hanging on to your job are universal—they translate to any language, any culture, any workplace. And even though the employment news is bleak around the world, his supremely practical secrets can help anyone protect their job when pink slips are raining down.

For information: and
Phone: 212-979-2422 or for 24-hour interview access: 917-692-4760

Employment Situation News Release

In announcement, article on November 18, 2008 at 9:33 am

The  unemployment rate, and the media hype which accompanies it, is very  scary for young workers, seeking to find their first job or  internship.  The NUMBER and media around it, almost becomes a  young persons  excuse, not to look as hard, for a job, or  internship, some may not look at all. So they say they decide to take a  year off, (whatever that means) or young people choose to go on for  an advance degrees immediately, directly after graduating from  college, under the false premise that their chances of finding  that first job, are zero to none.

My analysis and opinion of the employment market, for young people  is based on the reality I hear from readers of my book, and  employers contradicts, the conventional wisdom.

Although  the unemployment rate is the highest in 8 years, it is still low. Yet the knee  jerk reaction of employers, to what they hear and read, is to fire  senior workers, in order to save the money of their salaries.  The  “word” recession is a blank check for employers to fire workers, for no reason  at all.

However, employers still have jobs they need to  fill.  Entry level employees or interns,  represent a  inexpensive way to fill those jobs.  Simply put, entry level workers are: “cheap  labor”.

So a  recession is a great opportunity, for these entry level workers to find  jobs.  Even better,  when you find that entry level job, you may  find you have more responsibility, because employers, trying to stretch  there budgets, are giving new workers,with no experience the tasks that more  seniors workers, they recently fired, once did.

So entry  level workers often luck out, getting more responsibility then they imagined.  As a result they learn more–faster. So it is a better time, for  first time workers, then they may think.

So entry  entry level workers, so not be discouraged:

  1. High  unemployment, does not necessarily effect entry level jobs, or  internships.  You need to understand the context of what you are reading  in the economic history.
  2. Remember “Chemistry” is the key to getting that entry level job, or  internship, not experience.  Employers do not expect first time workers  to have “experience”, but they want to like you, relate to you. Chemistry is  more important then your GPA. (Remember you are not applying to graduate  school, you are applying for a job!)
  3. Look the  part.  The means dress appropriately for the job you are applying  for, it is part of what creates that “chemistry” along with a firm handshake,  attention to detail and doing your homework on the company to which you are  applying.
  4. “Ask for  the job”.  Yes, “ask.  A little humility goes a long way.   Employers tell me they “pass” on candidates who don”t seem interested in the  job, passive, or “qualified but arrogant”.

The job  market for entry level jobs is better then you think. The once you find that  job, don”t be surprised if you have more responsibility then you might  think.

Stephen  Viscusi