About Stephen Viscusi

Stephen Viscusi is an author, columnist and broadcast journalist in the workplace genre.

His new HarperCollins book is titled BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB: 4 Simple Strategies to Ride Out the Rough Times and Come Out On Top at Work.

Viscusi has been a featured guest as a career expert on numerous news and entertainment programs including “The Tyra Banks Show,” “Inside Edition,” “Good Morning America,” CBS,
ABC, FOX, CNBC news, and many others.

Viscusi regularly publishes columns and blogs in The Huffington Post, Divine Caroline Women for Hire, and The Ladders. Bulletproof Your Job was positively reviewed in the same week by both Newsweek and Time. The Washington Post refers to Bulletproof Your Job as “Mommy meets Machiavelli” while Publisher’s Weekly says, “Viscusi offers a sound strategy for surviving to work another day.”

Viscusi’s expert advice has recently been featured in global magazines including Fortune, Details, the Bottom Line/Personal, Men’s Fitness and Money.

The Associated Press has carried Viscusi’s quotes around the world.  He’s also been featured in Reader’s Digest as well as Liz Smith’s nationally syndicated column from The New York Post. Charles Gibson of ABC’s “World News with Charles Gibson” calls Viscusi “America’s Workplace Guru.”

Viscusi began his own career as a headhunter and is still involved as a consultant in executive search.  He is also the founder of, a service that creates traditional and video resumes and CVs, utilizing Viscusi’s extensive network of professional resources.


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