About Bulletproof Your Job

The most important thing to remember during these tough economic times is that your job is your most valuable asset—and your primary objective is to protect it. And don’t kid yourself—your job won’t be spared because of your seniority or your hard work or your prestigious degrees. You will save your job by creating the perception of indispensability and by taking care of your boss. Period.

BULLETPROOF YOUR JOB: 4 Simple Strategies to Ride Out the Rough Times and Come Out on Top at Work outlines four simple strategies for dodging the layoff bullet and 50 practical ways to implement these strategies. This no-nonsense guide offers a straightforward, action-oriented approach to protecting your job with tactics that not only help you keep the job you have, but to also to maximize your prospects for the future. Here’s the bottom line:

Be visible. Be easy. Be useful. Be ready.

Sound simple? Well, if it were that simple tens of thousands of people wouldn’t be losing their jobs every month, would they? The trick is to apply these bulletproof strategies to your own job with a healthy dose of common sense, a little finesse, and a whole lot of confidence. Being visible ensures your boss knows who you are. Being easy means you make your boss’s life easier. Being useful means going above and beyond. And being ready means you’re prepared for any eventuality. This book is loaded with 50 ways to get the job—saving your job—done.

Along the way, you’ll come across some startling insights that’ll help you hang on to your job. How about:

  • Set a Google alert to your personal email account with your boss’s name so you know if he or she ever gets stopped for a DWI or is in the media for anything.
  • Set a Technorati alert for your company and stay in touch with the blog chatter about your company.
  • Company gossip is gold and can help you bulletproof your job. But never be known as the company gossip.
  • Bosses always say “office politics don’t exist in this organization.” Only dumb employees believe that.
  • Cultivate mentors, mentees and people in your network to become a sleeper cell of friends in your company and industry who will support you in a time of crisis.
  • Career coaches are for sissies. If you need a career coach, you don’t have a career!

This book is about taking control of your job security. And if you don’t have the guts to use what you learn from Bulletproof Your Job, then give it to the guy in the cube next to you and watch him keep his job. Order this book now—before you have to.

  1. Over the past few years, I’ve swervedin to a couple of the techniques you suggest for staying employed during times of downsizing. What I found was, working harder than everybody else in the office may get you noticed by the boss, but it will also get you noticed by jealous coworkers, who will sabotage you for making them look bad. It’s another case of sound logic and good business sense coming up against human nature.

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