The Art of Staying Young: My 10 Tips

In advice, article on March 4, 2009 at 3:44 pm

deepbreatheBeing perceived as being younger both emotionally and intellectually is often more important than looking younger. In this recession you need to learn the fine art of being perceived as younger as well as looking younger. So if you’re over 40, here are 10 tips:

1: Buy teeth whitening strips. Shallow for sure, but having coffee-stained teeth won’t do you any favors in interviews.

2: Get on Facebook today. If you don’t know how to join, let your kids show you. Use Google and know what Wikipedia is. Learn how to text and TiVo.

3: Check out your local Apple store and ask to learn the difference between an iPod Classic, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano.

4: If for some reason you still remember your SAT scores, keep them to yourself. No one cares and scoring has changed, so you’ll just wind up aging yourself.

5: Pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly before an interview. Nothing gets you more up to date on the youthful world of pop culture.

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  1. Stephen: I’m impressed with #1 being teeth whitening. Strips are very effective and much less expensive than professional laser office bleaching. It is important to note that neither strips or office bleaching will work on exposed root and dentin nor will it bleach existing white fillings and porcelain restorations. It’s always helpful to ask your dentist if any type of bleaching will help before you buy the product.

    Just writing this makes me feel ten years younger!

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